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Feb 2012

Hello and welcome to the brand new We Love Deals!

Two years ago today, an extension by the name of Amazon Deals! was launched in the Google Chrome marketplace. It was a simple extension that alerted its users whenever there was a deal to be found at Amazon.com. Since then, over 7,000 different deals have been tracked and posted and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes have been given away.

We’ve outgrown our old name and decided to launch our own brand, complete with a brand new site and theme. Behold, We Love Deals was born.

We wanted to keep the user-experience very much the same. Aside from a few different images, the extension will function exactly as it has in the past. We still post and notify you of the best deals at Amazon and we’re still going to give away a ton of free stuff!

How to See The Changes

By now you should see the new theme in place within the extension. Some of you may even see the updated browser icon as well. Google is in the process of rolling out the update and it may be a few hours before everything is switched over.

Here is a screenshot of the new icon and deal window in place:

The extension looks a little different, but our focus hasn’t changed. We are committed to finding you the best deals online!

New Features

All New Theme

As you can now see, the theme been cleaned up quite a bit, but still functions just the same. We have a cleaner interface, new tags for categories, updated flags for special deal postings, and a new toolbar button heart that “beats” instead of twirls whenever new deals are posted.

Accompanying the new theme is this beautiful website and blog. A special thanks to Beta Images for the design and coding of our new site. As you can see, they do amazing design work and can really help build your presence on the web.

A Mozilla Firefox Add-On

The biggest news we have to share is our all new Mozilla Firefox Add-On! Our original extension Amazon Deals! was initially designed entirely for Google Chrome. With the help of Chicago based IT firm nDevix, we’ve expanded to Firefox and may soon be moving to other browsers as well! Be sure to check out nDevix and consider them for your next web venture. They can code just about anything web related. Highly recommended!

Firefox users can download our add-on through the Add-On Marketplace. (The Firefox Add-on still looks like the old “Amazon Deals!” extension, but it will be updated to the new “We Love Deals” format shortly.)

Social Media

We have a Facebook fan page now! Help us spread the news about We Love Deals and help yourself to an extra entry or two in our Giveaway! See our giveaway page for more information.

New and Exciting Giveaways

The link to the current giveaway would be posted here, but there are some things left to discuss first. Look for more details at the bottom of this post!

Donations to Charity

Finally, this feature is the best improvement here at We Love Deals. We’re big believers of giving back and helping others, so we’ve decided to dedicate all of the money made by the extension on the 1st of each month to charity. Shop through our extension on the 1st to help raise money for charity! We will be 100% open and transparent with all of our donations.

Going forward, we will be reaching out to the community for charity suggestions. Keep an eye out for a chance to nominate your charity of choice. It may be selected to receive our donation for that month!

Starting Off Right with Donations to THON

This launch weekend happens to coincide with the end of a year-long fundraiser and 2-day dance marathon that occurs every year at The Pennsylvania State University’s Main Campus. It’s an amazing event that has raised over $78 million dollars in 29 years to help combat childhood cancer. Donations benefit The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. They raised over $9.5 million dollars last year alone!

To celebrate our launch and the start of the 46-hour long dance marathon, we’ll be donating 100% of the earnings made from the extension on both Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th. On Sunday, an update will be made announcing the total amount of money raised. Shop through our extension this weekend to help!

If you have a minute, click here to check out THON’s website and see some of the amazing things being done to help children who are suffering through pediatric cancer. It really is an amazing cause.

Wrapping Up

We Love Deals is a big step forward from the simple Amazon deal tracking extension that started out exactly two years ago today. We’ve evolved a lot over these past two years and will continue to do as much as possible to provide you with an enjoyable deal hunting experience.

Please take some time and leave a comment below with your thoughts on all the changes. We’d love to hear from you!

After you do that, click here and enter our Amazon Kindle Fire giveaway! Yes, you read that right. We’re giving away a brand new Fire. I told you it was exciting.

Thanks for all your support!

Steve & the We Love Deals Team!

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