How does Anycast DNS provide great speed?

Anycast DNS is absolutely something you should benefit from. Why? Because it can increase the speed of your online service, whether it’s a website, app, or more. So if you want to learn more about what it does, you’ve come to the right article. But first, let’s see what actually is. 

What is the purpose of Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a form of communication or routing technology that allows you to send and receive data more quickly. One IP address can be entered into several DNS servers around the world using this method. Any of them has the ability to react to the request. The goal is for the server that is nearest to the user in terms of distance to respond. This significantly speeds up the response time (DNS resolution).

Anycast DNS – How does it work?

Yes, Anycast DNS can boost your speed, but how does it happen? Users’ Domain Name System queries are routed to the nearest server for the fastest response thanks to Anycast Domain Name System. Here’s how it works in practice:

  • To begin, separate sets of name servers declare that they all have the same IP address.
  • The user then makes a request for a specific domain name, which initiates the DNS resolution process. The recursive DNS server receives the request and establishes the route by selecting the shortest way to the nearest name server that holds the required IP address.

We also use it to redirect requests based on:

  • Response time 
  • The server’s accessibility
  • Congestion on the highway

Why should you implement it?

If you have a website, service, or app, you probably want it to work reliably and quickly in all locations. Nobody likes dissatisfied customers. You may receive outstanding performance in a range of locations and easily manage traffic using Anycast Domain Name System. Improved network performance results in happy customers, which leads to more sales.

Anycast DNS service – What is it?

Anycast DNS service is a useful traffic-routing tool that ensures that websites‘ content is delivered quickly. This is made possible by the several nameservers that maintain a single identical IP address.

Most DNS providers include an Anycast DNS service as an optional feature. It is most often offered as a fee-based service that you have to pay for. In very rare cases you will find it as something for free. Some of the best DNS Hosting providers are for example ClouDNS, NS1, Cloudflare, DNSimple, EasyDNS and many more.


To sum up, Anycast DNS permits many servers to share the same IP address. This is beneficial for the speed of the online service that you provide.

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