The Cloud Giants comparison AWS, Google, Azure, Alibaba Cloud

The sky is getting cloudier. Each time there are more and bigger clouds, full of services. All of them are good, and they want to be your all-in-one solution. Which cloud giant should you try? Check this cloud giants comparison and see if AWS is still the undisputed king, or Google, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud have enough to offer to compete.

Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS is the market leader for a long time. What you get with AWS is an excellent compilation of services (200+), easy to deploy instances, working with the databases you want. Amazon has great availability, thanks to the 77 available zones (24 geographical regions). 

Choosing the largest cloud could be a good idea if you want to have everything under one umbrella, but it could be more expensive than other options. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google is a few steps behind AWS and Azure. They have a less prominent network, but they are competing with lower prices and machine learning. AI, Machine learning, and tech solutions, together with well-known Google tools, make it an interesting option. 

The great plus that Google offers is live migration from one virtual machine to another. It can happen without stopping the work nor rebooting the system. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is a well-known tech giant. It has combined its popular online tools with the power of Windows Server. 

What’s new is the opportunity to be one of the first using Quantum computing with Azure Quantum. Microsoft is also eager to show its capabilities with mission-critical AI solutions and machine learning. 

Alibaba Cloud

China’s number 1 cloud. It was late to the party, but it is growing rapidly. Its local market, China, is huge. If you are interested in positioning in China, it could be a great choice.

Just like Google, they are still smaller, and they offer more competitive prices. 

FeaturesAWSGoogle CloudMicrosoft AzureAlibaba Cloud
OSWindows, CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Oracle LinuxWindows, CentOS,  Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, CloudLinux, UbuntuWindows, CentOS,  Ubuntu, Oracle Linux
Purhcasing model1-year contract, 3-year contract or on demand1-year contract, 3-year contract or on demand1-year contract, 3-year contract or on demand1-year contract, 3-year contract or on demand, reserved instances
Regions: Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa, North America. South AmericaAllAll except Middle East and AfricaAllAll
Certifications: CSA, ISO 9001,  ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, PCI DDS Level 1AllAll exept the ISO 9001AllAll
Object storageSimple Storage Services (S3)Google Cloud StorageAzure Blob StorageObject Storage Services
Shared file storageElastic Block Store (EBS)Google Cloud Storage FUSEAzure FilesNetwork Attached Storage
Archiving – cold storage S3 GlacierGoogle Cloud Storage ColdlineXObject Storage Service 
BackupAWS Cloud BackupxAzure BackupCloud Backup and Recovery, Database Backup
Database RDS for MariaDB, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, Postgre SQLSQL Server, Google Cloud SQL, Postgre SQL, Google Cloud SpannerSQL, Azure Database for MySQL, Postgre SQL, MariaDBApsaraDB for MySQL, MariaDB TX, SQL Server, PPAS, Postgre SQL, POLARDB 
Content Delivery NetworkCloudFrontGoogle Cloud CDNAzure CDNAlibaba CDN
Media transcoding / encodingElastic Transcoder, Elemental MediaLiveXMedia Services, Azure encodingApsaraVideo Live, ApsaraVideo Media Processing
App customer payment servicesAmazon Flexible Payment Service, Amazon Dev PayXXx
Game developmentGameLift, LumberyardFirebase, Compute EngineVisual StudioGaming Solutions
AR/VRSumerianDaydream, Cardboard, ARCoreMixed Realityx
Cloud Content ManagementXGoogle Sites, Google DocsSharePoint Onlinex
Enterprise app integrationAWS Application integration servicesGoogle App EngineLogic AppsX


Comparing cloud providers of these sizes is not an easy task. You can’t simply say, “this is the best cloud”. It is always “it depends”. Check this table, go to each individual of these vendors and check their plans based on your needs. Try before you commit for the long term.

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