TOP 5 Promo TLDs from ClouDNS

Do you want to start a new business with one of the hottest promo TLDs from

Here we have five amazing options for you! Many options to find the best domain name, with a very particular TLD that will clearly indicate to your audience the purpose of your site. Go ahead and browse these promotional domains and get the right domain name for you before somebody else takes it!

.news – Most people receive their news from the Internet, either by alternative online media, news blogs, or social media. The .news TLD is the perfect solution for journalists and news agencies who provide the latest information. Companies can also benefit from keeping their clients informed of important announcements and events with this domain extension. 

Registering price: $7.69 ($27.29)

Transfer price: $27.29

Renewal price: $27.89

.ltdA great choice for your company. The .ltd TLD will provide a lot higher chance to get the exact domain name you want. It can be used just right for any website. Especially businesses that want to be taken seriously. If their name already includes LTD, it can save you space in your URL by putting ‘ltd’ in the domain extension. 

It can provide a shorter domain name and higher chances for an exact match with your business. Can it get any better than this?!

Registering price: $11.19 ($24.69)

Transfer price: $24.69

Renewal price: $25.29

.streamIt is perfect for any business or provider of music, podcasts, streamers, TV, and movies. With a .stream domain name, you can offer an option for users who want to access audio, video, and interactive media, exposing them to virtually unlimited choices of content. It is also a great choice for all the streamers out there. You can use it to provide merchandise, extra content for your followers, have a calendar with events, and so much more. Don’t miss to snatch a .stream domain at a promotional price of just $4.99 for registering!

Registering price: $4.99 ($33.19)

Transfer price: $33.19 

Renewal price: $33.69

.pressThis domain is perfect for all things newsworthy or literary, from journalists and bloggers, to television anchors and book publishers. It’s memorable, short, and shows you’re interested in pressing matters, like breaking news or the latest hit novel.

.press will also give you the creativity to combine with words like,,, and many more.

Registering price: $13.99 ($81.89)

Transfer price: $81.89

Renewal price: $82.49

.storeThe .store TLD is perfect for e-commerce and a clever opportunity to grow your existing brand. Attract more customers with a domain name that stands out from the crowd. Use it directly if your main business goal is to sell products online, or get one extra if you want to add an online store to your traditional store. 

Each year people are buying more and more items on the Internet. This TLD will only grow in popularity, so get on the wave on time! 

Not just for sales, but also for storage, if you are a cloud provider, own a storage container, or sell handmade goods.

Registering price: $11.19 ($64.99)

Transfer price: $64.99

Renewal price: $65.59

Those TLDs sure are great, aren’t they? You are probably full of sites’ ideas already. Go ahead, get your brand new promo TLD and start a great online business today. Registering a domain name is the first step—a clear sign for your online intentions. Now create an awesome site!

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