5 best web hosting companies for 2021

2021 is here, but what does it mean for your web hosting? Are use still using one of the best web hosting companies out there, or is it time to jump into another wagon? Check these 5 best web hosting providers, and if the one you are using is not there, maybe it is time to move on.

Bluehost.com – best cheap shared web hosting

The category of cheap web hosting providers is full of offers under 5 bucks, but Bluehost has enough features to distinguish itself. 

While most of the rest are trying to cheat you with a very cheap first year (in some cases under $1), and later reach 5-6, its BASIC plan goes for $2.75 per month if you sign for 3 years.  

What will you get with Bluehosting? Here is the list:

    • Storage – 50 GB 

    • Bandwidth is unlimited

    • Subdomains – 25

    • Websites – 1

    • Email accounts – 5

    • SSL – free auto SSL

    • MySQL databases – 20

    • Free Domain and free CDN are included too. 

    • Bluehost has more shared hosting plans, VPS, and Dedicated hosting too. There is a lot of space to expand. 

Cloudways.com – best shared cloud hosting 

One step better than a traditional shared one is cloud shared hosting. Here we have one good contestant that is doing quite well in their specialty – cloud. Cloudways has well-designed plans for covering bigger needs at a very appropriate price. See this plan, which cost $42 a month:

    • CPUs – 2 

    • RAM – 4 GB

    • Storage – 80 GB SSD

    • Bandwidth – 4 TB

    • Free migration

    • Dedicated firewall

    • CDN add-on

    • SSH access

    • 24/7 support

GoDaddy.com – best VPS hosting

If you want to go to the next level and select a VPS, one of the greatest options right now is GoDaddy. 

You can get VPS plans from $4.99, which is a price for shared hosting! If you want to get something really good, more powerful, and enough for a large e-commerce site, check the $39.99 plan. It is one of the best offers right there:

    • Virtual CPUs – 4

    • RAM – 8 GB

    • Storage – 200GB SSD

    • You get high-performance SSDs

    • Unlimited accounts with cPanel or Plesk

    • Root access for complete control 

    • System monitors

    • Automated backups

    • Multiple data centers to choose from – Asia, America, and EMEA.

    • DDoS protection

Ionos.com – best dedicated hosting 

Dedicated hosting is for those who want the best possible performance for a particular market. You may want to cover well just North America, and you don’t need a whole cloud solution, but still, you want most oms per dollar possible. 

Our choice for this segment is Ionos. Why? Because they have seen AMD processors’ benefits, and they have one excellent offer for $180 a month. What you get is:

    • CPU – 16 cores, 32 threads AMD EPYC 7302P.

    • RAM – 128 GB DDR4 ECC

    • Storage 4TB available from 8 TB (Raid 1)

    • You can still create a Load Balancing with more servers

    • Unlimited traffic

    • There is a choice between Windows Server 2016, 2019, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or OpenSuse. 

    • Root access. 

Siteground.com – best cloud hosting 

This category has the really best web hosting. Usually, the consumers are not afraid to pay a bit extra for the top performance and reliability. One great cloud hosting provider is SiteGround. They offer one of the best customer services in the business, and they are very reliable. The plan that we recommend is called Business and costs $210 a month. For that amount of money, you get:

    • CPUs – 8

    • RAM – 12 GB

    • Storage 80GB SSD

    • Bandwidth – 5TB a month

    • Fully managed service

    • Option for scaling up

    • Own IP address for the server

    • Free CDN

    • Daily backups

How to choose web hosting for my business website?


In 2021, there are many great web hosting companies, so it is even harder to choose. The 5 above have a good reputation, excellent service, and all the needed features.

So, are you staying with your current web hosting provider, or you want to try one of these 5 best? 

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